About Me

Hi there! I’m Kipp van Schooten and am currently living in Salt Lake City, Utah. I’ve also spent large amounts of time in Georgia, Vermont, New Hampshire, Nebraska, Minnesota, and South Dakota – each place certainly has it’s charms, Utah just has more of them.

Until recently, my career has mainly focused on experimental physics within the realm of academic research, investigating the nature of (and practical uses for) quantum properties of various condensed matter systems (organic semiconductors, colloidal quantum dots, phosphorus-doped silicon, and more). If you’d like to know more about my academic past, check my Academic Bio.

Throughout my graduate work and two post-doctoral fellowships, I was able to explore a fairly large breadth of new and interesting topics, honing my lab skills within an equally broad range of techniques. Simply due to the constantly changing experimental needs of a fundamental research lab, the solution to most issues requires an amalgam of both high- and low-level approaches. Indeed, much of the nuts and bolts of experimental physics work actually looks a lot like the DIY/maker enterprise: there’s a tender balance between slapdash and professional product that’s needed in order to be the first person to measure some subtle effect or material quantity. This all but guarantees a great deal of fun and gives it’s chances to show off a bit of creativity. One of the hard requirements for this type of environment is to constantly try out new tools and techniques, as well as to refine the ones already in your belt.

I’ll periodically write up some of these lab-based adventures and post them here – perhaps you’ll find them as fun as I did. Although this website is primarily a landing page, it also serves as a scratch pad for some of my current personal projects. The projects are outlined in blog-style, but I don’t have much intention of becoming any sort of blogger. Since learning new stuff overwrites the old stuff, the details of these things tend to fade and I think it’ll be helpful to maintain some sort of log or account.

So, here we are. And where will we go? Let us see…